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Sponsor a cheetah

Sponsor a cheetah” is a preservation program targetting those cheetahs that can no longer be released back in the wild because they lived too long in captivity. From the United Kingdom, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, allows to give £100 or more to help the following individual cheetahs:

  1. Blondi, Leia, Josie, Dusty & Sandy
  2. Klein, Merlot, Cruise, Nina, Solo & Kanini
  3. Chanel, Shadow, Toblerone, Hershey & Nestle
  4. Rosy, Samantha, Tempesta & Misty
  5. Cleo, Ohana Luna, Soraya, Quasar & Armani
  6. Kayla, Kiana, Harry, Ron & Hermione


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