Privacy policy

From its creation, Home has been applying a strict policy about collecting and storing personal data about the visitors using our services, in order to respect their privacy.

Today, this approach became compulsory and is subject to regulations (both European and French). We are complying gracefully. This page is designed to help you better understand this with some explanations that we tried and make simple and readable by all, for issues that are important to both you and us.

Legal issues

Your personal data is stored with caution and is only accessible to those who need to know, behind paswword-protected access.

In accordance with French and European law, you have a right to access, correct or remove your personal data as stored by Home.

Home extends these rights to all of its visitors independently of their nationality and location of residence.

Home does not share its customer files with any third party. Personal data contained in these files are for the exclusive use of Home and Yves Roumazeilles.

Collected data: Only what’s needed

  • If your browser accepts them, we send one or more cookies to improve the quality of your visit. those cookies are small files stored on your computer.
  • The web sote you are coming from.
  • The time of the connection.
  • Pages viewed.
  • Points of entry or exit from Home.
  • etc.
  • Your identity (name, adress) only when you deliver it willlingly to us (e.g. inside a contact form).

That kind of data is used to improve the operation of the site, to better understand the preferences of the visitors and to enrich the service offered.

In all cases, we make sure that we explictly ask your approval (either through a message on your first visit, for cookies; or through a checkbox in forms).

Except for legal authorities and law enforcement, within the limits of the applicable jurisdiction, this data is not shared.

Information relative to Akismet: Home uses Akismet services to automatically filter out the robots which attempt to deliver SPAM in our comments (you can’t begin to imagine the thousands of bogus comments we need to sort out; The only solution is automated filtering). Akismet has an information page explaining how they operate and what they do with your information when they collect it from Home comment forms.

Sending e-mail: No SPAM

E-mail addresses provided to Home (e.g. when contacting us, or when subscribing to an information newsletter) are used only by Home which does not give or sell them to any third party.

Home will use these e-mail addresses reasonably and responsibly (sending a moderate amount of e-mail messages, giving the possibility to un-subscribe, allowing no automatic subscription, with a strict opt-in policy, etc.). Home is firmly opposed to SPAM.

In any case, Home does not obtain personal data without your positive explicit approval. To the exception of judiciary authorities and police forces, when using the appropriate request forms, that personal data is not shared with anybody.

Access to your private data

As French and European law states, you can review your personal data that we collected on Home. This is as easy as going to the special page showing  your personal data, after connecting/loging to Home.

Furthermore, if you want to modify or remove this data, you have two available options:

  1. Identify yourself on the site and modify data directly on Home. For example, you can update your contact or personal information, modify or remove one of your posts, etc.
  2. Ask us through the contact form. (Obviously, it’s easier in case of a request to remove all).

Links to other web sites

On some pages, the Home web site provides links to other web sites. These external web sites are created and updated by people and organisations independent of Home.

Home cannot guarantee the correctness, the relevance or the quality of the information found on these external sites.

The presence of links on the Home web site does not imply by any mean that Home endorses, agrees with or support the positions taken on these external web sites. Neither does it imply any form of support to the products shown on these external web sites.

Hébergement du site

Technical hosting of the web site is done by:

2 rue Kellermann
59 100 Roubaix
Tel : 0 820 32 03 63


Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. Any modifications to our Privacy Policy will be reflected on this page. If there is a significant change, we will indicate it on our site news and provide a link to the new policy. We will also inform you by email if your address is in our books.

If you have questions about the security rules and or privacy concerns at Home, please, write to us.