Not only dogs open doors

This is what these visitors of the Lion Safari Park in Johannesburg (South Africa) learned while they were driving slowly in this wildlife park to admire some wild animals. But, this lion found how to open their Toyota’s door with its teeth. The driver had only a few seconds to understand that the best reaction was to press the pedal deep and run away.

Lion opens car door
Lion opens car door

It would never have happened with a large American SUV, of course.






2 responses to “Not only dogs open doors”

  1. Irma Avatar

    I hope if that driver had known of the unethical practises at Lion Park (breeding of lions, abusing lion cubs for human interaction, supporting the canned hunting industry) the visitor wouldn’t have supported that sick venue by paying the admission fee!

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    I wish that you’d provide more precise information about what you mention/allude-to here. Could you point us to an online information source that would document these? I could not find any reference (using Google). Are you sure that you are not using generalizations applied to the specific Lion Park in Joburg?