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Unfair advantage

Sometimes, you believe you missed a step. Sometimes, you think you should have stayed at home.

But, being a flightless bird, wandering into the tigers cage and start calling them names was a bad bad idea…

If you know where it comes from, feel free to inform me (I found the photos on a Russian with not much details).

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  1. Douglas Muth July 14, 2011

    It’s probably from this Zoo:


    Apparently visitors can purchase an Ox(!) for $1,500 to be dropped in the middle of the tigers.

  2. Yves Roumazeilles July 14, 2011 — Post Author

    Apparently, this Harbin zoo often appears when animals are exploited in shows like that. I had the hope that this was more an accident than such a game!!!

    Thanks anyway for the information.

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