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  • My GoPro against the cheetah

    That should be the title of this video where a wild cheetah goes exploring this weird object left by a wildlife videographer: a GoPro camera. You wouldn’t expect a cheetah to be so cute.

  • Big cats play with light too

    YouTube link

  • The baby cheetah who mewed?

    Did you see a baby cheetah mew before? YouTube link

  • King cheetah: Where to see one?

    King cheetah: Where to see one?

    photo credit: jurvetson King cheetahs are not so exceptional that you can’t see them in zoos (but you may have to travel to meet them). I wondered if it was possible to list of zoos of the world which have at least one of them in exhibition. DeWildt Cheetah Research Centre, in South Africa. Kapama…

  • King cheetah, in Zoo Tycoon 2

    King cheetah, in Zoo Tycoon 2

    If you play Zoo Tycoon 2, you may “adopt” cheetahs. Did you know that, with the help of some chance, if you adopt a sufficiently large number of cheetahs, the game will offer you a king cheetah (easily recognizable by its fur more striped than spotted)?

  • Extinction(s) on French TV (France5)

    Extinction(s) on French TV (France5)

    Some species of mammals are clearly confronted with the immediate risk of extinction. And, when I shoot photos of some of these at the other end of the world, I am often shocked by the immense chance I have to be able to still see these animals free in the wild for the years they…