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  • COVID-19 face masks

    COVID-19 face masks

    to protect yourself (and the others) against the virus, while messaging about your love of big cats, there are face masks, just for you: And there are plenty of others available in the online shop.

  • Protection of your privacy and of your data

    Protection of your privacy and of your data

    You may not have noticed it but European Regulations recently required some significant changes on web sites, in order to make sure that they are respectful of their visitors and -even more importantly- of the privacy of their data. Our web site has been adapting since a few weeks with a few nice changes, including:…

  • A flipboard for YLoveBigCats

    A few changes for YLovePhoto in 2015. Starting with the decision of adding a special complement to the web site for those who know and love FlipBoard, a powerful way to flip pages on Internet-based magazines. It’s even easier if you chose to use your smart phone: your magazine pages are flipped from the tip…

  • You think your job sucks?

    Well! Try applying for this one: “Bath assistant for lions”. In those recession times, I guess I’ll stick to engineering…

  • The most dangerous job

    The most dangerous job

    Go put a small ad to recruit in such a job opening: Circus looking for a permanent position as “big cat bath assistant”.Experience not required.

  • A nice fractal lion

    A nice fractal lion

    Fractalius is a Photoshop plugin allowing to create exceptionnally interesting pictures like the following “fractal lion”.