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  • Never turn your back on big cats

    The big cats are wild hunters and killing machines, even when held in captivity for a long time. See how these ones (lions, tigers, and all) behave once they notice that a possible pray is not looking. Ready for a kill at any time. Tame, you said?

  • ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Leonardo’ killed

    ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Leonardo’ killed

    ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Leonardo’ are the names of two of the GPS-collared desert lions living in Namibia under the constant surveillance of animal researchers. These big males fell under the bullets of trophy hunters, even with collars and in a protected area. It’s a pity, but these hunters will kill anything and anywhere. In this…

  • Leopard vs. wild boar

    Life of a predator is not always easy. When you’re a leopard, you must learn to attack a prey that is small enough not to counter-attack and you must learn to look left and right before rushing in. YouTube link

  • Do not mess with the big cat!

    Do not mess with the big cat!

    This is a message that you should have learned from Aesop, if you are a little rat. Unfortunately, some animals can’t read. Here are two examples. First, a fox found itself in the enclosure of a lion in the Wuppertal zoo (Germany). It left quite quickly after understanding the kind of error it made. The…

  • Hunting is not enough for the cheetah

    Cheetahs are impressive hunters thanks to their capacity for high speed chases that leave nearly no chance to a surprised victim. But, it is also a very fragile animal which is usually not able to defend its prey. Here is a very common situation: The gazelle he just caught is immediately stolen by the much…