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  • Iberian Lynx, a portfolio

    Iberian Lynx, a portfolio

    Among lynxes, the one living in Spain and Portugal (the Iberian lynx) is probably the most endangered one because of it way of life which brings him too enar to the human-occupied areas: It hunts rabbits. But it is still possible to find wild Iberian lynxes and observe them from hides in some large agricultural…

  • The cheetah’s run

    The cheetah’s run

    Did you ever notice that one of the major advantages of a fast-running hunter like the cheetah is that it is able to maintain near-perfect head stabilization? This allows it keeping a perfect aim despite the fast moves of a hunt.

  • COVID-19 face masks

    COVID-19 face masks

    to protect yourself (and the others) against the virus, while messaging about your love of big cats, there are face masks, just for you: And there are plenty of others available in the online shop.

  • Lynx leaps

    Lynx leaps

    The lynx is a marvellously powerful cat. It is known for jumping in amazingly long leaps, but it’s better seeing it to believe it. So, two videos I share as a demonstration of lynx leaping capacity. Now, you better understand how this unter is able to leap onto and surprise a prey from unpredicted distances.

  • It’s time to remember wild cheetahs

    It’s time to remember wild cheetahs

    While they are not (yet) extinct, but while it’s still possible to help fight for their survival, a collective of wildlife photographers is trying to get your attention (and your funds) to help save cheetahs from the extinction which seems to be coming and coming fast. Wildlife Photographers United gave their best cheetah photos for…

  • Where is it?

    Where is it?

    Via GeekPress.