Kevin Richardson: Is he a lion or a lion’s friend?

Kevin Richardson is a friend of animals who succeeded in doing things that few people would dare to try: Be completely admitted inside a lion’s den, inside a group of big cats. These animals do not usually play with human beings, but they are highly social animals and this is what Kevin Richardson used to have them accept him – through sobmission and game.

Honnestly, even understanding the rules which allow to reach this point, even firmly convinced by the scientific bases of this approach to inter-species contacts, I would not try it.

As a demonstration, here are a few videos showing Kevin since he moved from the status of friend of lions to honorary lion (like you could speak of a “honorary citizen”).

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YouTube link

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I let you admire the other anmials (hyenas, leopards) that also let him approach. But keep in mind that these are really big animals. Look at a male lion size. These are “Big cats”, indeed.

L'homme ami des lions, yennes, etc. par savage147
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