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  • Snow leopard: Three new subspecies

    Snow leopard: Three new subspecies

    Up to now, the snow leopard was considered as a single species (Panthera uncia, in Latin), what most scientists would call a “monotypic” species or a single species: All the animals in the world were considered part of a single species with no significant difference. But this may change soon after a study by researchers, including…

  • Difference between Panther and Leopard

    Difference between Panther and Leopard

    It is most common to describe Panther and Leppard (or Leopard) as two distinct species. However, this is more a misconception in the wider public than a recognized biological classification. Both words should be used interchangeably even if old habits never die (For all the kids, Bagheera will always be the black panther of Rudyard…

  • Hey! snow leopard! It’s time to sleep

    When it’s time for bed for the snow leopard and the camera is here to capture the moment:

  • Snow leopards in Afghanistan

    Snow leopards in Afghanistan

    The population of wild snow leopards is very limited in our world where they suffer from an important pressure. But these animals living in high altitude valleys tend to be very difficult to observe and they may not be observed for long times when they live in isolated places. This more or less the story…

  • Share these Snow Leopard pictures

    Share these Snow Leopard pictures

    To support its own promotion, the Snow Leopard Conservation Fund freely shares tow of its nicest photo pictures of snow leopards. Notice that -for once- these are photos of free wild animals and they were not shot in zoos. Snow leopards are defintely having a hard time in the wild and its survival is defintely…

  • Calvin Klein for the jaguar

    Calvin Klein for the jaguar

    I don’t know if (and I doubt that) Calvin Klein latest technology-based perfume, Obsession for Men, can live up to the expectations it raises. This musky scent is supposed to attract women, run them wild with its potent aroma. However, wildlife photographers in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala found that it could be used…